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Hey friends

We are STILL writing new stuff! But that makes me happy- writing together and preparing for a new release has always been my favorite part of being in a band. It’s definitely taking a while, but we’ve been really meticulous when it comes to our new tunes, which is one reason why we haven’t put anything out just yet. We know that besides a few shows here and there this summer, we’ve been kinda quiet lately, but new music from us is still on its way.

However, there is one curve ball that has definitely set our progress back- and it’s a big reason why we don’t have a ton of shows, or a release coming up right now. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered a vocal chord injury that I’ve been struggling with all summer.

Not to worry though- I will be ok! I can still sing a little and play a show or two here and there but I just have to be super careful to take it easy. So between lots of vocal rest and doctors visits, it’s definitely set our plans for a new release back a bit. It’s a bummer, but people go through way, way worse, so in the big picture, it’s really not so bad. As long as I follow docs orders, full recovery shouldn’t take too long at all.

Anyway, I wanted to be open with everyone about what’s going on with me. Chris, Lenny and Keith have been really supportive, patient and helpful while I’m trying to get my voice back in shape, and so has the rest of my family and friends. (Thanks all!)

We definitely have new music that we’re excited to get out there to everyone and we’d love nothing more than to get back out on the road as soon as possible. We’re in the process of planning some things for fall and the end of the year so despite my pain-in-the-ass (or throat) injury, we have a lot to look forward to!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far- more to come soon and that’s a promise! (In fact, Chris and I are working on a new song demo as I type this so I’m gonna go get back to that.) See you all really soon!

With love,

tl; dr:


Happy New Year and thank you all for an amazing 2012!!  We could sit here and highlight all the cool stuff we’ve done in the past year and blah blah…. but I think it’d be more entertaining to recap some of our best mishaps and adventures gone wrong. 2012 was a busy year for JD, so naturally, we had plenty of opportunities to run into trouble. Here are some experiences that I think are worth retelling (as told by Melissa)…

Our performance was on fire! (literally)…

We played a small DIY venue in Panama City, FL. Mid-set, I smelled something burning. Then I noticed kids in the crowd pointing up. I looked up to see smoke billowing out of the PA. The PA practically went up in flames during our set. And what did we do? We kept playing as the sound guys took it down. Epic. Badass. Totally dangerous lol. Kids, when something on stage is burning, I recommend getting the hell out of there. (Unless you lit it on fire yourself. In that case, good for you.)

Getting stuck… 

When we’re together we always have a blast but getting stuck in a dry county in Texas when our tour van broke down after SXSW was pretty bad. The whole town was literally a motel, a repair yard and a gas station. We were stuck for three days. We watched some really bad movies, met a really nice tow truck driver, and some really scary locals. Oh, and we befriended this guy…


Getting burned…

Ahh Florida Music Festival. Such a great time. Until our northeastern pale asses went out on the beach. Keith caught a 36 inch bluefish. JD, 1. Ocean, 0. Keith then gets sun-poisoning so bad that his feet swelled up to the size of small life boats. Ocean, 1. JD, 0. The next day we had to cancel our trip to Disney World because Keith couldn’t walk, and I ended up getting some pretty bad sun poisoning myself. Ocean wins. 


Losing Chris…

On Warped Tour, Chris was driving the early morning shift and stopped for gas while everyone was sleeping. Our TM and I woke up to find Chris gone, and the car keys gone. After waiting a while, we called his cell only to find that he left his phone in the car. So we started to the search the entire gas station. We must have searched for 30 or 40 minutes… no Chris. No car keys. We thought he might have been kidnapped (if that’s even possible) until we found him… down the street, stuck in line at a Dunkin Donuts. Oh Chris.

Keith packs the essentials…

On our way to the recording studio, Keith was super pumped. He packed everything a rock drummer would ever need: drum sticks, video games, booze, more video games… and then he forgot his clothes.

Lenny finally gets a Music Man bass…

Since Lenny was the last addition to our lineup, he was the last guy in the band to get a sweet Music Man instrument… and when he did, he wasted no time in wrecking the hell out of it. Thank you, Music Man. For making instruments sturdy enough to withstand the stage-fury of Lenny Sasso.


The Pittsburgh Steelers got Chris his first speeding ticket…

Chris is always the calm, reserved driver in the band. Unless he tunes into a sports radio station for his favorite football team. As the Steelers were running in for a touchdown, out of excitement, Chris pressed a little too hard on the gas. Next thing we heard was the wonderful, warming sound of a police siren. Chris’ defense? “Sorry officer, the Steelers made a touchdown.” This excuse may have worked if we were in Pittsburgh… but we were somewhere in Ohio and the cop must have been a Browns fan.

Zombie Attack…

After our last date on Warped, we all shared a room at a hotel in Milwaukee to take a load off before the trek back home. We were all exhausted, but no one was as sleep deprived as our TM who barely slept the whole tour. Middle of the night, I woke up to something moving around at my feet. I kicked it away, half-asleep, thinking it was blanket. Then I felt it again and woke up to a zombie at the foot of my bed, flailing around at my legs. I freaked out, sat up and screamed. The guys all woke up to find our sleep-walking TM, at the foot of the bed. I’m just glad it wasn’t a real zombie. This band watches too much Walking Dead.

Bank Robbery…

We did what?!?! Guess you’ll have to stay tuned in 2013 to see what that’s all about…



with love,

Melissa, Chris, Keith and Lenny

We’re hanging out on stage with @thestartingline :)

We’re hanging out on stage with @thestartingline :)

So, it’s been a while… 10/8

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything but that’s because we’ve been crazy busy on the road!! (I really should invest in an ipad.) But not to worry, Tumblr followers, we didn’t forget about you! Summer 2012 was amazing, so here’s some highlights of what we’ve been up to since March:

-Backbone album release! Get it here on itunes!

-Warped Tour

-Driven Road tour

-Dewey Beach Music Conference, Driven Music Conference, Florida Music Festival

-Raw: Natural Born Artists (Please vote for us for Philly Musician of the Year here: www.rawartists.org/junedivided)

So like I said, we’ve been everywhere this summer! Since we’re back in Philly for a little, it’s music video brainstorming time… we’ll keep you all posted on what’s to come!

We’ve made so many new friends this summer, and had some amazing experiences. We can only hope for more good things to come. This career is full of hills and valleys, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe we just like surprises ;)

Thank you all for being there for us, clapping, singing along, and believing.

With love,


That disappointing moment when Camden is 20 minutes from Philly and you guys arent playing that date :( You should at least hang out, I wanna meet you guys again when you arent busy eating

We’re working on it I promise!  We have a special show in the works for Philly, so stay updated on our Facebook because we’ll be making more announcements over the next few weeks!

-Lenny & Melissa


Hello everyone! We promised 2 announcements, and here they are…

A few months back we announced that we had found a new bass player, and we posted this picture of Mysterion from South Park, claiming that he the guy.

Well, we lied. Our bass player is not a cartoon superhero from a show on Comedy Central. It’s actually just this guy…

(Photo by Derek Brad Photography)

This is Lenny. If you’ve been to a show in the past year, then you’ve probably seen Lenny- on the stage, at the merch table, doing lights, setting up, breaking down, talking to fans… actually somehow he seems to do all of those things at once. Lenny’s involvement with the band has already propelled us further than we ever thought we could go- and the best part is? He plays a mean bass too.  So when we needed a 4th and permanent bandmate, it was a no-brainer- Lenny Sasso was the man for the job.

(Don’t be fooled by this paragraph of love and appreciation for Lenny. I mean, we love and appreciate him, but we usually just give him a hard time. We can’t help it-it’s just kind of fun.)

So our happy little 4-piece band has one more thing to announce…


7/21- Long Island, NY (Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum)

7/22- Hartford, CT (Comcast Theatre)

7/24- Columbia, MD (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

7/25- Virginia Beach, VA (Farm Bureau Live)

7/26- Atlanta, GA (The Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood)

7/27- Orlando, FL (Central Florida Fairgrounds)

7/28- West Palm Beach. FL (Cruzan Ampitheatre)

Can’t wait to seeya out at Warped! If we’re not coming to your hometown with Warped Tour- no worries! We are currently planning an album release tour so let us know if you want us to come to your city and we’ll try our hardest to make it happen! Again, thank you all for your continued support and friendship- it looks like it’s going to be a great summer! :)

With love,

Melissa, Chris, Keith and Lenny

Hello again! 3/25

Yep- it’s that time again for another update! March has been insane, and we’ve definitely had our ups and downs. A ‘down’ would be when our truck broke down in the middle of Texas and we were stranded for a few days. (If you ever get stuck on the road, whatever you do, don’t get stuck in a dry county if you intend to keep your sanity.) But the ups definitely outweigh that one tiny little down because our high points of the past month include:

  • 5 amazing showcases at SXSW
  • Meeting so many amazing people along the way!
  • Meeting some favorite new bands (Lion In The Mane, Car Party- check them out!)
  • We got to go to the world’s largest Rodeo in Houston (thanks Tom and Bob!)
  • Heading back to Soundmine Studios to finish our record with Alec Henninger!
  • We met and exceeded our goal on IndieGoGo and that’s thanks to you! So keep an eye out for prizes and new music leading up to the release of our album. (Thank you all so very much and bear with us as it might take some time for us to get all the prizes/covers/fun stuff out to everyone who participated!)

Also, this Wednesday there will be 2 big announcements. We thought it would be fun to leave you some clues at to what the announcements will be about- but you have to unscramble them. (If you figure it out, please keep the answers to yourself so others can unscramble it too!) Here are the clues:




 M.G.O. !!! 

Until Wednesday, ;)

With love,

Melissa, Chris and Keith

Craziness! 2/16

WOWOWOWOW So much for our quiet studio hibernation! As we’ve been working on our full length, we got hit with awesome craziness! Let’s go over what just happened in the last week:

We won Best New Artist, Best Rock Song (Bullet), and Best Music Video (Bullet) at the 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards! Congrats to all the nominees, check them out here!

We were announced on Big Picture Media's unofficial SXSW Showcase! On March 15th, we'll be playing at The Blind Pig Roof in Austin, TX with We Are The In Crowd, and Every Avenue!


If you have Facebook, and are following us, then chances are you already know this, and probably voted for us, so THANK YOU!! Congrats to the other finalists- we were up against some serious competition! 

We are AMAZED at how many people pulled together for us to win such an amazing opportunity. Winning this contest was cool, but seeing how many people truly support us, from all over the world, was probably one of the best moments we’ve experienced as a band so far. I also want to point out that Keith has never been to Disney World. Damn. Look out, Orlando.
As far as our full-length, we’re still going strong, working our asses off here at Soundmine Studios. We are so stoked for the release in a few months and are still taking IndieGoGo donations until March 3rd. (Thank you to all who donated so far!) Keep an eye out for producer Alec Henninger.  I’m voting him for President. Just kidding, but seriously, he’s making this record sound better than we had even imagined, and the dude has some serious classical sauce. (We’re dorks.)

When we get back from the studio, catch us before we leave for TX!:

Feb. 24th- Frankensound Studios, North Brunswick, NJ.
March, 2nd- The Barbary, Philadelphia, PA. 

Looking forward to seeing and meeting some amazing people in the next few months!

With Love,


Jan. 2012: in like a lamb and out like a FREAKIN LION!!

Going into it, I knew our show on Friday night at the TLA had sold out. What I didn’t expect was for it to be almost at capacity before we, (the opening band) went on.  I was honestly expecting to play to maybe, 200 people. I figured, no biggie, we’ve played to a crowd of that size before. Oh man, was I in for a surprise:

(Photo courtesy of Derek Brad Photography)

We haven’t been a band for very long. So as we walked onto the stage, I was shocked to hear the biggest roar of screams and cheers ever directed at me in my life. It was like a shrieking wall of excitement. And it was so. fcking. AWESOME. If you were one of those 800+ screams, then thank you for giving my band that kind of welcome. We’ll never forget that.

New music is on the way! I am typing this post from the control room of Soundmine Studios, listening to Keith track drums to our first full-length album, and wow he sucks. I’m kidding! Keith is playing like a damn animal, and our producer, Alec, is on point 24/7, and so far, it’s going really well. We hope you all will enjoy this record as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it so far! We really can’t wait to get new music to you guys asap :)

(Our amazing Keith takin a breather between some killer takes! Shhh he doesn’t know we took this. Hehe)

Please stay tuned on our facebook or twitter! Recording fun has just begun, so there will be plenty of updates and footage during our 3 week studio hibernation, so we hope you all keep in touch!

Even though we’re currently in the studio, we still need help financially, so we are still taking donations for our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign! We will post another thank-you video shout out tomorrow night, and will do so every week until the fundraiser is over on March 3rd. So if you wanna hear us say your name on the weekly shout out, then please donate at http://www.indiegogo.com/Help-June-Divided-Make-Their-Full-Length-Album… oh and we’ll love you forever. (But if you’re reading this, then we already love you forever).

To new and old friends: cheers, January has been one hell of a month, thanks to all of you!

Ps. This beautiful studio we’re in is deep in the mountains, and it’s pretty isolated. Once we emerge back into civilization, we’ll be playing with Punchline at the Barbary in Philly on March 2nd, and we would very much love to see actual people again, as opposed to mountain lions. 

From the middle of Nowhere, PA. on 4 hours of sleep, making music and couldn’t be happier,
With love,


“Is this crazy enough to work?” 12/29

“Is this crazy enough to work?” We remember asking each other that as the rough mix of ‘Bullet’ played back to us for the first time over out home studio speakers. That was just over a year and a half ago.

Flash forward a debut EP release; a music video on MTVu, a SXSW trip; a warped tour date; a Battle of the Bands finals; a growing (kickass!) fan-base; countless shows, photo shoots, magazines and interviews… and as it turns out, yea, this band WAS crazy enough to work. And it has been working, but we need some help to take the next step.

Which brings us to our first announcement: February 2012, we’re hitting the studio for our full-length album… and we need your help. Please go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/Help-June-Divided-Make-Their-Full-Length-Album.

 Want to help us make a record? Well we want to thank you.  IndieGoGo is a way to raise funds for our new album, but it’s not just a boring old fundraiser. The point of this campaign isn’t just to help us make an album- it’s also to give back to YOU- our amazing fans, friends and family.  There are tons of prizes to choose from: free downloads, autographed posters, headphones from FutureSonics, a signed GUITAR with an Ernie Ball gift package and year’s supply of strings. Heck, we’ll even throw you a pizza party, skype with you, or put you in our next music video!  So please check out our profile at IndieGoGo, and pick a fun prize to pledge for, because we can’t wait to give back to you!

All of your support thus far is the reason why we’re still making music, so we’re really excited to put out this next record. The new material is well under way, and we are all gearing up for the studio. And this brings us to our next announcement: Rich won’t be joining us for the full-length, and has said goodbye to JD.

(Photo courtesy of Doug Seymour Photography)

As you can see here, we’ve had a lot of great times. But no worries- we’re all still friends, and there were no hard feelings on either part with this decision. The lifestyle of being in an active band isn’t for everyone, and it’s just as simple as that. As long as Rich is happy, then so are we, and we wish him the best of luck. 

Rich’s departure is bittersweet for us. We’ll miss him, but we have a lot to look forward to. As far as the upcoming record goes, we can safely say that the bass is in good hands.  Yes, we have a NEW bassist, and here he is: 

Just kidding. It’s not Mysterion. (Hope all you South Park fans out there got a chuckle). But this bassist’s identity will remain a mystery until we approach the release of the full-length! Oh the suspense!

So what’s in the future after the album is recorded? Here’s our last announcement:


We have a full week on Warped Tour this summer!  We will keep you all posted on the cities we’ll be playing in, once we get the word!

Can’t wait until summer for a show? Neither can we. Here’s a few upcoming dates in 2012 you can catch us at (and there’s plenty more shows TBA!)

1/8 Asbury Park, NJ; The Stone Pony

1/27 Philadelphia, PA; The TLA, with Falling in Reverse

2/17 Harrisburg, PA; Millennium Music Festival; Johnny Joes

Hope to see ya there!

This has been an amazing year. It’s wild to think that this time last year, we didn’t even have an EP out yet. We’ve been reading the love that some of you have left on our facebook wall, twitter, and youtube page, and it’s really amazing. Not to get all mushy on you, but those positive words are what keeps us going.

We definitely have our hands full for 2012 already.  So be on the look out for us, help spread the word, and have a blast with us on our IndieGoGo campaign! We’re aiming to release this new album in late Spring ‘12, and we can’t do it without you.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support, and you guys mean the world to us. As it turns out, some things ARE crazy enough to work!  We love you. Stay crazy with us.

(Photo courtesy of Derek Brad Photography.) 

With love,

Melissa, Chris, Keith  (and Mysterion the bass player)